10 things you should keep to yourself

Are you wondering what things you should keep to yourself, As we all know talking about everything in your life is stupid and ridiculous, any human being should have a few little secrets they keep for themselves

Things to keep to yourself can be your intimacy, past affairs, bank account balance, Your biggest goals, wealth, and many more as we shall see below.

Before you share something with someone, always remember that it can be a weapon used against you. It doesn’t matter if she is your best friend or husband. Be careful to keep things to yourself.

What you should keep to yourself

Remember a secret can only be a secret if it is known by you alone.

1. Your Sex life with your partner

While growing up, I was told to never talk about my sex with my partner to anyone. it doesn’t matter if he is my best friend or my sister. Your intimate life is something you should keep to yourself.

I have seen scenarios where you talk about how good your partner is in bed with your best friend and then the next thing you realize is. Both of them are in a relationship behind your back.

As humans, we are full of curiosity. Only the strong ones can fight temptation.

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2. Your past affairs

The number of women or men you have dated is something you shouldn’t share with anyone. That is a secret for you to keep forever.

If you have dated many people, you might be called a whore someday, and if you ever go into an argument.

You will be reminded of all your past affairs. So keeping your past affairs to yourself is something you should do.

3. Family Problems

All families have problems. and they never end. Talking about your family problems all the time can be sickening to your friends.

Remember, no family is perfect so they also have things they don’t share about their families.

You should let everyone know what your family is going you, you will keep some self-esteem.

4. Bank Account Balance

You might don’t care to share your bank balance when you are broke but talking about how much money you have in your account is not okay.

If you have a lot of money, Your friends or family will find excuses to ask you for money since they know you have lots of money.

And if you say no, they will say you are selfish because they know how much money you have.

So it doesn’t matter if you are broke or have some good money, never talk about your bank balance to anyone.

5. Your biggest goals

Our biggest goals should be our secrets. no matter what you say, Keep your biggest goals to yourself.

your ideas might be stolen by those you share with. So it is best to keep it to yourself.

6. Your Wealth

You shouldn’t go around bragging about how many cars, plots, or real estate you have. No one wants to know about your wealth.

People have so much going on and many are struggling to make ends meet while others are trying to be successful.

Talking about your success is only going to make you look like you bragging even if it isn’t your intention.

Your wealth is something you should keep to yourself.

7. Relationship Issues

If you are going through so much in your relationship, Choose wisely who to share with your problems.

Talking about your problems with anyone will just bring you problems.

8. Your Good Deeds

Do not start talking about your good deeds, how you helped someone overcome a problem. Your good deeds are something that you should keep to yourself and not share with people.

When you do help someone. you have to do it from your heart. So it is not something to talk about with other people all the time.

Just keep it to yourself. Always the good deeds you have done will be told by those you have helped.

9. Your Husbands secrets

I have an amazing husband who shares with me so much than I need to know, literally you tell me all the funny, cool, sweet, and weird things.

I never share them with anyone because I need to protect his secrets. Remember if they are weird things, Those you have told will have no dignity for your husband.

That is why you should keep those secrets to yourself.

10. Your Lifestyle

“I am on a keto diet” “I don’t eat carbs” “I run every morning”. seriously who asked you about what you eat or do.

People don’t care about what diet you are doing or what you eat or drink. Talking about it won’t help in any way. Just keep your lifestyle to yourself.

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