Tight Vagina:Can a vagina be too small or tight ?

Many women experience a lot of pain during penetration and they conclude that they have a too tight vagina or a small vagina.

The truth is there is no vagina that is too tight for vagina sex if you prepare it for penetration.

When your vagina is not aroused, it is 3-4 inches long which may not be enough for some men who have longer and bigger penises.

While when you are aroused to have sex, your vagina grows longer and bigger to take up almost anything.

Fore playing, being excited and changing your mindset contributes to your arousal. if you still feel pain when having sex, it’s because you not aroused well.

Some partners have been advised to use lube like coconut oil in order to avoid any friction during sex.

How your vagina changes over time.

The vagina changes over time depending on different circumstances and these include changes during and after childbirth, changes during sex and changes when you age.

You have to understand the changes because they will help tell when your vagina has a problem

Changes during sex

Your vagina changes when having sex, it is designed to elongate and expand when aroused.

When you turned on, the upper part of the vagina lengthens and pushes your uterus and cervix inside the more in your body.

When they are pushed inside, there is more space created for the penis to penetrate so that it doesn’t hit the cervix or uterus.

Some women like it when the cervix is hit but to some it is painful.

During sex, the vagina is supposed to release a natural lubricant, This happens when you are aroused. Some men are so impatient to give enough time to their partners so that they can be lubricated.

If fore playing has been done but you still not wet enough, you will have to buy a lubricant, for example, a coconut oil

According to study, 30% of women feel pain during vagina sex, If you still have a tight vagina or small vagina even after all the fore playing, Then you will have to make an appointment with the doctor.

Changes during childbirth

During a vaginal delivery, your vagina expands to allow the baby to pass through but after it starts to contract back.

After childbirth, you may feel a bit lose but doing pelvic floor exercises can help tighten your vagina.

Some women have also opted for the v-tight gel to tighten their vaginas again.

Changes due to Age

As you grow older, your vagina also changes over time

The elasticity of your vagina will reduce due to the weakened pelvic muscles and your vagina will be loose.

Since your estrogen levels lower, your vagina will have some vagina dryness since there will be low lubrication.

Using a lube will solve that problem.

Loose vagina Read about the causes, treatments and natural remedies to tighten up

Below are some of the reasons why you might have a tight vagina.

Despite being aroused, you might still feel like you still have a too tight vagina that also involves pain down there.

Below are some of the reasons why your vagina is still too tight.


Injuries on your vagina are also the major causes of painful sex, wait until you heal before you have more vaginal sex.

If the injury does heal in the necessary time, see your doctor.


Women who have been sexually assaulted find problems in their sexual lives. People who have experienced this type of torture need time to be understood.

You can also talk to your psychologist if you have sexually assaulted

Infection or disorder

Both sexually and non-sexually transmitted infections make sex more painful.

They don’t make your vagina too tight nor don’t change the shape of your vagina.


This is also a common problem among women, it is a situation where your pelvic muscles are involuntarily contracted.

Instead of your pelvic muscles relaxing when aroused, they instead tighten preventing a sex toy or penis to go inside.

This condition is usually caused by fear, depression, trauma or anxiety. People with Vaginismus find it hard to use tampons.

Having sex therapy, talk therapy can help solve the problem. It can involve using dilators to widen your vagina.

Congenital abnormality

Some women are born with strong hymens that are inflexible or too hard to break, even if it breaks, sex can be painful when the penis or sex toy hits the torn tissue again.

Suggestions from victims with a tight vagina.

When a man asked the question on Reddit, a number of people came up with different views and perspectives.

This was the question

“My girlfriend and I attempted to have sex for the first time and it didn’t work out. Her vagina was too tight for my penis to go in, I couldn’t get even the tip in. I fingered her for a while to try to loosen her vagina up and try to relax her, but even after a while, I could only fit two fingers in at the most. Is there anything we can do to make it easier?

“Yup, adding to this the fact it’s their first time, she is likely very nervous. Nervousness makes it hard to be fully aroused”

A number of responses were flowing which also included suggestions, these included.

Pelvic therapy

“This happened to me [F27] when I first started being sexually active. Sex hurt really bad so my libido suffered for it. Have you ever heard of Pelvic Therapy? I went to a pelvic therapist where I live (in Georgia) because I was having so many issues with having sex. What pelvic therapy does is essentially stretch and relieve tension in your pelvis through vaginal exercises. it’s a little painful but honestly, it worked so well. I went for 2 years (mostly because my vagina was super tight due to stress and because I’m tiny) but holy hell it helped so much. My boyfriend has a pretty big dick too- and I can take it with absolutely no problems now “

Communication and lots of orgasms

“Lots of orgasms. I’ve had this issue with a couple women. Just go down on her till she comes two or three times, she’s likely to relax. Also, talk. About anything and everything. Listen. Never put pressure on her. These sorts of things often have psychological roots–the same as an issue with muscle tension. Listen to her. Support her. Validate her. Cultivate your relationship, and that trust will help her relax. Often the problem in cases like this is that women feel that they are expected to perform a certain way, and that’s overwhelming and anxiety-inducing, and so they tense up. In that respect, it’s similar to ED. If she feels like she doesn’t have to act a certain way, that she can be free and unrestrained and not have to worry about anything, she’ll likely be able to relax”

No pressure

“It may just take a few tries before she becomes comfortable enough to be aroused. All the foreplay in the world won’t get her physically aroused if she is very nervous. Nothing wrong going slow and giving it, a few tries to get there. Lots of foreplay and no pressure. They can always try again later. As she gets more aroused, the vagina will expand. I don’t know why they don’t teach this in school, but many people seem to not realize this.”


Use dilators

“This was a problem that my wife and I had when we started dating. Depending on how severe the problem is, lube may not be enough. For us, it required 3 months of dilators of increasing size before we could finally have sex. It’s worth seeing a gynecologist about”

 Lots of fingering and foreplay

“Been there–my partner is significantly more well-endowed than any of my prior lovers, so it took my body quite some time to adjust to his girth. But, I did and now we have great sex on a regular basis. All I can really tell you is to keep doing what you’re doing. Lots of fingering, lots of foreplay. The vagina naturally expands with arousal, and relaxation is extremely too, so making sure she feels comfortable as well as sexually excited is hugely important. But yes, lube helps a lot as well. Also, if she has any phallic sex toys, maybe she could use it on herself to help ease her body into

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