10 Vagina tattoo ideas that will make you high

The vagina trend has captured the world to the extent that having a vagina tattoo is the newest trend for women.

Many women across the world have decided to have some sweet designs on their vagina and this sweetens lovemaking among couples.

Let say you went down romancing and then something like a flower blossom comes up just like magic.

Some men love vagina tattoos while others do not like them at all but this is about self-love because if you want the vagina tattoo, Go have it.

Below are some vagina tattoo ideas that will make you high, these ideas will leave you wondering if you should have a tattoo or not.

1.Black Flowery

This is an aromatic black flower tattoo that is hot in its own way, it is just sweet and attractive. The middle flower is so welcoming, it welcomes you to the beautiful creation .isnt that amazing.

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2. Hold my heart

This vagina tattoo has both hands heart in one place, who is holding your heart in one place?

3.Flowery Blossom

This has flowers mixed in different colors giving you a perfect blossom on your vagina

4.Wear me

With this vagina tattoo, you might not need a skirt or a clothing on it’sts so sexy at its own

Get your perfect tattoo idea



This is a perfect tattoo idea for Halloween

7.Letter me

You can decide to write some sweet words on your vagina


You can decide to have a tattoo just like any leaf you can think of.


Are you not mesmerized with this vagina tattoo idea

10.Black Blossom


Above are the vagina tattoo ideas for anyone wishing to have a tattoo drown to their lady parts.

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