Vaginal Odor:causes,prevention and treatment.

Vaginal odor varies according to your menstrual cycle but you may notice it after you have unprotected sex.

Sweating also causes vaginal odor but in most cases, its tempted by the use of vaginal deodorant and douches which also cause irritations.

The vagina has its own natural smell that should not be changed if you try to change the natural smell of your vagina, then you may get some infections and a disgusting smell.

In this article, we shall explain the different types of vaginal odor, causes, and solutions to the problem.


If you have a healthy vagina, its smell will depend on the level of activities you do for example after a super exhausting spin class, you notice a strong muskier smell which is a result of the moisture released by sweat glands found in the region.

According to Dr.Wider, The scent is 100% normal.

But if the scent of your vagina bothers you, then the best is to meet with your doctor so that you can discuss it.

Fishy vaginal odor

If your vagina is giving you a fishy smell, the chances are that you have an infection. Bacterial Vaginosis is the common infection that causes a fishy odor which is accompanied with other symptoms like burning and itching.

If your odor increases after sex, it’s because of the increase in the discharge and the mixture of fluids.

If you notice a green discharge, pain and vaginal itching when you urinate, you might be having trichomoniasis which is highly treatable.

Sweet or beer-like Vaginal odor.

Yeast infections can make your vagina smell like a bread, flour or beer.

In some cases, the odor can smell sour but it can be itching, pleasant and feelings of dryness.

You may also incur a discharge that resembles cottage cheese

In most cases, these type of infections is treated by using antibiotics and natural remedies however a woman having yeast infection should talk to her doctor first before any decisions are made.

Common causes of abnormal vaginal odor include:


The way you take care of your self also determines how your vagina smells, If you don’t shower, then what do you expect because your vagina will smell like trash.

Some women do not shower after doing exercises which makes their vagina smell due to the sweat that is trapped inside.

What to do

It’s best you urinate after sex because the discharge and other bacteria will be passed through the urine.

Wiping front to back because it prevents the fecal matter from getting inside your good vagina.

It’s best you change your underwear daily, especially when it’s they are soiled and sweaty.

Shower after exercises to realize the sweat from your vagina.

Use fragrance-free soaps /products

You can also wipe the down area to remove sweat that is trapped in your hole of heaven.


The type of clothes you put on also determines the smell of your vagina,

If you an individual that loves putting baby clothes .i mean tight outfits, then be sure that your vagina will not be aerated leaving all the things like sweat, discharge and dead skin trapped inside your hole of heaven.

So it’s best you put on clothes that allow the easy flow of air to give a relax of your golden cup.

How to do

Put on cotton under wares to allow easy flow of air to your golden hole.

3.Menstrual products

The type of the menstrual products you use also determines the smell of your vagina. Some women notice a strong vaginal smell when they are in their periods.

This is because some menstrual products trap odor making your vagina to smell bad.

What to do

Try wearing internal products like menstrual cups which can be changed frequently.


Sugary foods trigger the growth of yeast because it helps in creating a moist environment.

Yeast infections cause a vaginal odor

There is also some evidence that some foods like coffee, onions, and other strong-smelling foods contribute to altering the smell of your vagina by changing the smell of bodily fluids and sweat.

What to do

Stay hydrated to prevent the vaginal odor by preventing bacterial overgrowth.

According to research, swear smelling foods such as apple, celery, and watermelon might help due to the sweet smell.

5. You had unprotected sex.

You will notice that things smell a little different down there after you have live sex because the fluids mix another person fluids.

Semen also has an elevated PH which can cause the odor according to DR, Streicher.

In most cases, the smell clears up on its own in 1 to 2 days after you have a shower.

6.yeast infections.

In most cases, you think yeast infections only cause a discharge but the fact is they can also cause a vaginal odor.

According to Dr.Streicher, Yeast infections leave your hole of heaven with a scent.

The PH of your vagina does not change when you actually have a yeast issue.

A number of counter medicines and natural remedies can be used to cure the yeast infection.

If you have tried medications and haven’t worked, then its best you meet up with your doctor.


There are a number of various infections that cause bad vaginal odor such as bacterial vaginosis which is a common infection in women ages 15-44 years.

BV comes up when there are too much bad bacteria in your vagina.

Signs that you have BV is the fishy odor which can be accompanied with a gray and white discharge.

Another type of infections that should be considered is trichomoniasis which is a sexually transmitted infection and caused by the protozoan parasite.

Trichomoniasis does not cause any symptoms but if it does, then you might see frothy discharge, yellow, green and fishy smell of your vagina.

Tips for preventing future odor

Once you eliminate the bad odor, there are a few tips that you need to take under control.

1.Include probiotic food to your diet 

The probiotic foods will help in maintaining the Ph of your vagina.

Consider including probiotic foods to your diet.

These include yogurt, kombucha, and many others.

Yogurt and other fermented foods should be eaten because they increase the number of lactobacillus bacteria in your vagina.

2. Maintain a healthy Diet.

It’s best you aim at eating plenty of vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and fruits.

A well-balanced diet makes your body healthy which also includes your vagina.

3. Stay hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water is not only good for your skin but also your golden vagina.

It encourages healthy fluid release and sweating.

4. Avoid using douches and scrubs.

You might be thinking that douches help in eliminating bad bacteria but instead they kill the good bacteria hence causing sweating, itching, burning and bad vaginal odor.

It’s best you let your vagina clean itself with its natural components.

Urinate after sex.

It’s best you urinate after sex to pass out everything.

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