9 ways becoming a mother will change you

There are so many things people never say about becoming a mother, bringing a new human being into this world is not as easy as everyone thinks because it requires strength and inner power to pull it off.

From having a different body, developing new feelings to even hating yourself at times are things mothers express after giving birth.

Even though starting a blog has changed me so much, becoming a mother has made me a better human being, it has changed me into a different person than I even don’t recognize anymore.

This is how I changed from an angry yelling mom to a better mom.

Let’s talk about how your life changes after giving birth.

What people never say about giving birth.

Let’s talk about the things that will change when you become a mother.

1. Your inner love will come out

You have people you love in your life right now and you are attached to them but the love of your child is far different and far greater than any love. When you see your little one for the first time, you will be overwhelmed with unconditional love.

Even if you hated kids like me, you will get to love yours full-heartedly and you will do anything in the world to make sure they are safe and okay.

Your inner love that has been stored will just explode once you become a mother.

2. You will become more understanding

I was a stubborn and rebellious child growing up. I remember my mother having to struggle to shape me, at one moment, I even told her that she never loved me ever.

But after I become a mother, I got to understand that it takes a lot to be a mom with awesome kids.

You will also learn to forgive your parents for some mistakes because you will realize no parent is perfect.

Since life shapes you in a certain way when you become a mom, you will get to be more understanding and patient with people.

All in all, you will grow for the better.

3. Loving your parents more

Being a parent will shape you into learning to appreciate your parents more because you will start to realize how much they sacrificed to make you who you are today.

You will become closer to them because you now realize how hard it is to be a parent, more you will treat them better.

4. vaginal changes

Yes, your vagina will never be the same after you give birth. I know of some women who say nothing changed but 80% of women who gave birth realize so much has changed with their vaginas.

From getting stitches, scars, urine inconsistency to having a loose vagina. so much can happen after you give birth.

Doing Kegels and some pelvic exercises will help restore your vagina elasticity. for those who have scars down there. It’s okay to just embrace them.

5. Depression

Motherhood comes with a lot of depression and anxiety. After birth, everything can be overwhelming, with limited sleep and the responsibility of taking care of a new human being, you might end up depressed.

This is normal for all mothers, recently, I just had my second child and all I could do was cry for the first week, everything was so overwhelming and exhausting. but with time, help, support, and love, I managed to go through it.

Having family and friends around will be hard at the start but it gets easier with time. If you feel like nothing is helping, then it’s time to talk to a therapist.

6. Stronger than Ever

You will become a rock for those you love, you will learn to navigate all situations in life, no matter how hard or easy. You will be unstoppable. A mother’s love can move mountains.

Despite all the challenges you will face in your life, you will be able to navigate and go through them. In most cases, you won’t realize how strong you are but believe me, when I say, you are a strong woman.

7. Biggest priority will be your kids

So much is going to happen but you will realize that your biggest priority will be your kids, you will do anything in the world just for them.

You will realize that despite all the situations, your kids will always come first no matter what. you will prioritize them over friendships, work, and many other relationships in your life.

Whatever choice you make will depend on your child, in your mind, in every decision you make, your kid will be the first thought in your mind.

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8. Making more money and saving more

There will be a need to make more money since you have more responsibility on their shoulders, every child you bring into this world is more responsibility you put on your shoulders.

You need to save more for their clothes, food, health insurance, and college Fund, as a mom, you have to think about all that.

Remember not to put so much stress and burden on yourself. Well here are the various online ways to make money online.

9. Be more boring

Remember those amazing parties and vacations you used to have all the time, not to forget, visiting friends and having fun all the time will change once you have a child.

At that moment, you have someone to take care of, your life is no longer yours alone, you will still be able to have some fun with your friends but at minimal times.

In most cases, you will end up alone in the house with your child either laughing, playing, or exhausted. Yes rising a child comes with all sorts of feelings.

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