10 ways to Deal With Loneliness In A New Country During a pandemic

Loneliness can be one of the most isolated saddest feelings in the world, it breaks you up and rips you from the inside even when you don’t realize it, In most cases, it is always accompanied by depression and anxiety and as a person who moved to a new country with a toddler, my life has been full of all sorts of feelings including loneliness.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, everything has become so hard that even regular activities can be life-threatening when you think about the increased infections every single day.

I recently moved into a new country to live with my husband and our daughter, but living with all the people you knew and starting a new life somewhere can be challenging because it comes with so many changes anyone can imagine.

From learning a new language to making new friends and the feeling of missing those who were close to you your entire life can be so hard than anyone can imagine but above all, as people, we are stronger than we all can imagine, our souls can handle so much and we are capable of the things we even thought were impossible.

let’s talk about the tips that can help you deal with loneliness in a new country during a pandemic.

1. Accept the change

The number one thing you have to allow yourself to believe and accept is that your life changed the moment you moved into a new country and decided to start a new life.

Now it’s time to let it sink in, in order to move forward, We have to first accept the changes in our lives. when you accept the change in your life, the weight you carry on your shoulders becomes light.

it might take you a long time for you to get used to the new situation but it’s okay, take things slow and it will all be okay.

2. Learn the language

When I moved to Israel, I only knew the African language and English, learning Hebrew has been very hard for me but am taking things slow, my husband always said learning new 5 words every day is better than nothing.

There are many apps and online courses where you can learn how to read and write any language.

It can be challenging to have a conversation with someone if you don’t know even the basics, but it’s okay for the start, by learning, slowly you will be there.

When you know the language, you can just have a random conversation with a stranger on a beach if you feel so sad and so alone. But it will also keep you occupied.

3.Learn new course

Stop thinking about how sad and miserable you are feeling right now and learn something new. I have been so interested in learning how to cook fancy and tasty meals for myself.

Meals that a professional chef would cook, then I got myself a course from skillshare. You can learn literally any skill you might be interested in. Life is about learning new things every single day of our lives.

Learning never stops, we must always learn new skills because they help us get along at the end of the day.

4. Focus on your dreams and goals

I understand that you are feeling depressed and alone but the more you think about it, the more you will feel drowned in that feeling, you can also decide to focus on your dreams and goals.

When you focus on the things that are important for you. you actually barely notice the day go by. You will also feel good about yourself for your daily achievements.

One thing I have come to understand is, when you feel so alone, you feel so much pain in your heart but when you start to make your life better, everything changes a lot.

5. Make new friendships

I personally struggle with making new friends, I can be friendly to everyone but bringing someone closer into my life can take a long time because I prefer getting to know them better.

But if someone is nice to you and they are trying to be your friends, it can always be nice to be good to them too.

By going to a public gathering in the new country, you will end up meeting new people who can actually become your close friends. In most cases, it’s best to meet up with people with whom you share an interest.

If you love blogging, meeting up with bloggers in your region can help you start new friendships since you have a common interest.

6. Learn to cherish those around you

If you have people around you, learn to cherish their love and affection towards you because that will be the first step to coping with loneliness.

By learning to do so many fun things with my daughter and husband, my life has changed a lot. Playing with her makes us both laugh a lot.

When I feel so down, she loves kissing my cheeks a lot and I enjoy it, it’s like magic in your life when you build a stronger bond with those around you.

7 Make a call to your family and friends

As a person who has been proud all my life, I hate calling people first because I want them to call me first but remember that’s what they also think.

In the end, you will end up feeling sad, alone, and not loved by your family and friends, don’t wait for them to call you. Pick up your phone right now and call them, say hello and tell them how much you miss them.

They will tell you fun stories about your home and many other things. I call my brother and we spend like 40 minutes talking. By him telling me all the fun things about home. it feels like a dream come true.

Because after that talk, I always feel better. I urge you to get your phone right now and make that call.

8.Remember life is a journey

Never forget life is a journey and all the experiences we go through make us stronger, when you feel sad and broken, it’s okay, you can cry if it will make you better.

Every situation you are going through right now will make you stronger than before.

No matter how lonely, sad, bad and miserable you might be feeling. It will come to pass with time.

And one day, you will look back and tell yourself, it was all worth it.

9.Explore the new environment

You are in a new country, it’s time for you to start exploring the environment around you, don’t lock yourself in your home.

Take a walk outside, learn about your neighborhood. go to the beach, have dinner or go to the fun park. Just live your life as you wish and enjoy it every second.

Allow yourself to explore.

10. Join group trips

In Israel, there are many travel companies that plan weekend trips for couples, families, and anyone interested, they come to pick you up with the bus and bring you back to your home in the evening.

That can be a good start for anyone who feels so sad and alone. Group trips can allow you to meet up with new people.

You can actually make new friendships.

Goodday, Hope you feeling better.

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