8 ways to end a crush in a way that is respectful and considerate

When you find someone you like, it feels refreshing but if you end up having a crush on someone, it can be both sweet and annoying at the same time. It even becomes harder if the person doesn’t know that you have a crush on them, But it can be heartbreaking when they don’t want you as their partner.

Ending a crush is hard but by being honest, talking to the person you have a crush on and staying friends with them can help you feel better in the wrong run.

When I was in my early 20s, I had a crush on my classmate, i liked him so much but i am not sure if he liked me or not, but it took time to stop crushing on him. It felt breaking but as time went on, it all felt good, Actually, it was for the good that I never ended up with him.

Ways to end a crush in a respectful and considerate way.

Below are some of the tips that will help you end a crush on anyone.

1 . Talk to the person about your feelings.

I was a bold woman, I told this guy how I felt and that liked him, crazy as it may sound right now, and I was confident to let my feelings out.

It is good to let the person know that you like them and have a crush on them, that will give you a go head, They might feel the same about you which is great but even though you don’t share feelings., It’s okay

Opening up about how you feel is the first step o ending a crush.

2. Be honest and direct

Stop being indirect to someone by offering gifts and doing some indirect things, If you want to kiss them, tell them, they have nice lips and you could love to kiss them.

Being honest and direct will make you noticeable. If you are ready to end the crush, tell them the truth that you liked them but now, it’s time for you to move on.

3. Don’t be mean and hurtful

Sometimes, people want to end a crush by being mean and saying hurtful words to the people they have a crush on but that is just ridiculous.

You don’t have to be mean to someone, because they will lose all the respect they have for you .

We go through breakups all our lives, and ending a crush is one of them. Just be kind and respectful to your crush.

4. Don’t lie or make up excuses

If your crush asks you for help or invites you for a party, dinner, or any other event. Don’t try to make up excuses, be honest with him and tell them directly that you don’t want to be so close with them because it’s not good for you.

Let them know that you intentionally want to get over a crush so being close to them won’t help.

They will understand and will also give you the space you need hence ending crush in a respectful way.

5. Offer to help them find someone else

I remember encouraging my crush to find love, to make a move on a girl he liked, You prepare your brain to stop having feelings for them.

It might still hurt talking about the girls they like, but it will help you in long run, You will get used and you will feel free.

6. Express your hope that you can remain, Friends,

Yes, you can end the crush on someone and still keep them as your friends, Actually, my crush was my best friend for some time until I meant my husband who is my one best friend.

But even though, I still talk to him once in a while, When you stop crushing on them, you will look at your life and tell yourself, it was for the better good that you never got involved with them in the first place.

Staying friends with them will help you feel better as your crush ends.

7. Acknowledge their feelings

In this world, it is not a must that the people we love should love us back, Having a crush on someone doesn’t guarantee them to live you back.

So you have to understand that it’s your problem you love them and not theirs.

And it is right for you to acknowledge their feelings towards you. Accepting the truth that your crush doesn’t feel the same way, is the first step to ending a crush.

8. Stay positive that you find someone’s

Having a crush on someone can make you feel like they are your past, present, and future. I understand that feeling but am here to tell you that, it will pass with time.

Time heals all wounds and when the time comes, you will forget about your crush, you will find someone who loves and appreciates you to the fullest. Just have to relax now and wait for your time.

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