10 ways to make your husband attracted to you again

During a marriage, sometimes love fades and it needs to be rekindled. it involves an effort to find a way to make your husband attracted to you again. Reasons like lack of communication, weight gain, and over quarreling between partners can lead to loss of attraction from your husband.

Having your husband regain his attraction to you involves you working on yourself both physically and emotionally. it can also involve losing weight, seeing a marriage therapist, spicing up things in the bedroom, and fully communicating with your husband.

As a woman, having your husband sexually attracted to you is important in marriage to avoid infidelity and unhappiness in marriage. Marriage without fun sex can feel like a shore.

How to make your husband attracted to you again

With these tips, you will be able to regain your husband’s attention, love, and attraction to you. Just take things slow and don’t rush.

1. Stop Screaming at him

When your husband comes home, don’t start screaming and shouting at him about what he did and didn’t do or what he promised and never fulfilled.

He just had a hard day at work, all he wants is to relax . Find a convenient time to talk about the problems bothering you.

When you get into a habit of screaming at him, he will hate coming back home and then he will lose attraction to you. Some men go on to cheat because they want to find that love and attention somewhere.

Learn to talk and not scream.

2. Lose weight

Even though some men stay attracted to their partners even when they gain weight, not all husbands can still stay attracted to you.

Sometimes when you gain weight, so much changes both in your daily life and intimate life. Just don’t let yourself go.

No matter what you are going through, take some time to take care of yourself. For moms who have kids who need attention all the time, it can be challenging but fix 5 minutes to take care of your skin.

And have the kids go for a walk, exhaust them while taking care of your fitness.

losing weight is one way to have your husband regain attraction to you because you will look sexy.

3. Spice up things in the bedroom

The things and styles you used to do before marriage are still the same for 4 years later. Marriage is work, and working on your intimate life is part of it.

You need to spice up things in the bedroom if you want him to regain his attraction to you. Watch porn together, introduce new fun styles, joke around in bed or do role play.

You can also introduce some sex toys. Click to Check out the best toys for couples here.

4. Communicate

In every relationship, communication is the number one trick to a long, happy, lasting relationship. Sit with him and ask him what is going on.

Ask your husband what problems he has that is making him lose attraction towards you.

Talk about anything, future plans, your plans, or his plans. lough, Share fun crazy stories.

Allow yourselves to laugh together. All that will create a spark in your relationship that will boost your husband to regain his attraction to you.

5. Surprise him with a gift

When was the last time you ever surprised your husband with anything? Buy him something he has always wanted.

Why not surprise him with a gift. It can be a watch, a fitness gift or anything that you know will make him happy.

If you are out of ideas, check out the best gifts for men here to get an idea of what to get him.

6. Book a vacation

Life is not about being indoors in your house all the time, Go out there and experience the world. The memories that you create will help you hold on to each other for so long.

Book a vacation and go have fun together, experience the culture, do fun activities and just be happy with him.

On your vacation, take a few things to make it spark. have amazing cool dinners with him, talk, laugh, and just live a moment.

7. Be sixteen Again

Go be sixteen again, do you remember how you were at 16 years. How wild, crazy, and open-minded you were.

Try being sixteen again, do what 16 year old’s do, just act young.

8. Dress to impress

How do you dress all day? Do you look good, do you love your looks? Do you think you look pretty and cool when you look in the mirror?

Well, it’s time to change, dress to impress, look cool, cool sexy, and amazing. In your bedroom. ‘Have some sexy lingerie.

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Dress to seduce him, with all these tricks, you will be able to regain your husband’s attraction to you.

9. Exercise together

One of the best ways to connect with my husband is by walking together, we tend to laugh a lot while walking, we joke a lot and when we see something funny, we just talk about it and laugh.

While exercising together, you will find a convenient time to talk about your differences and issues going on in your marriage.

You will improve on the bond you share.

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10. Send sexy texts to him

When was the last time you send your husband a text telling him how good he was last night? Text him and tell him how you loved it.

Send him some funny sexy texts, he will love them and also laugh at them, all day at work, he will be excited to come home and see you.

Sharing funny sexy texts will help you regain your husband’s attraction to you.

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