10 ways to motivate someone to lose weight

My husband and I have struggled with losing and maintaining a healthy body weight for so long. it can be hard to find ways to motivate someone to lose weight especially if they are not paying attention to their eating habits. When you see someone you care about eat themselves to health issues. it just feels so sad.

Motivating someone to lose weight without hurting them involves you being honest with them, walking with them, going to a gym with them, keeping jack food away from them, understanding how they feel and their struggles to lose weight.

it takes a strong mindset to lose weight. To this day, I still think of eating carbs all the time Even though it’s unhealthy.

How to Encourage/ motivate someone to lose weight without hurting their feelings.

As a person who tried to motivate my husband to lose weight. It’s not easy because it puts you in a hard place with that person.

1 . Keep Jack Food out

If you living with a partner or friend. the first thing you have to do is keep all the jack foods away from the house. From chocolates to pizzas. Give them to someone who is in need.

By getting rid of all the jack food, you will be minimizing the level of temptation for that person. Besides if you walk into your pantry and see chocolates, pizza, and cookies. You want to have some.

But if you walk into your pantry and find nothing. You will just get a glass of water and go back do what you were doing

So getting rid of all the carbs in the house is the first step to motivating your partner or friend to lose weight.

2. Be Honest

One of the most important traits in life is honesty. Stop pretending like you are okay with the weight your husband or boyfriend has put on.

Tell them about how you feel about their weight gain. Talk to them about how it is affecting their daily life and health.

just be true to yourself and them.

3. Ask him to exercise with you

If you go out for a walk every morning or evening. invite them to go with you. Walking together with your anyone improves both your relationship.

If you go to the gym, ask them to join you for at least 30 minutes. They might feel encouraged to continue the routine or not.

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4. Just leave them alone

This might be the hardest advice to hear but sometimes, you just have to let things be. When the right time comes, they will lose the weight

It happened to me, no one ever motivated me to lose weight until I reached a time and felt enough was enough.

However much I talked to my husband about losing weight, he didn’t care at all until it hit him to lose weight.

So just leave them alone. When they change their mindset to being healthy. They will lose weight.

Just leave them alone

5. Gift Them an Exercise machine

If they are busy people who work all the time and have no time to go to the gym or for walks outside. Buying them an exercise machine is the best choice.

If someone has a trend Mill in the house. They can exercise anytime even while watching a movie or listening to a podcast.

It can also be a jumping rope. That will help them lose weight.

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6. Talk to them about the importance of being healthy

Go with them to measure the amount of fat in their body and let the doctor explain to them the consequences of being overweight.

I was told, I will have heart disease soon if I didn’t lose weight. That is a good way to motivate someone to lose weight.

Being healthy comes with so many benefits so when they realize them. They will be able to lose weight.

7. Learn/Join them in their weight loss program

If he/ she is on a weight loss diet. try to understand it and join them. That is how you encourage someone you care for to lose weight.

If they go for training or any other program, join them once in a while to show your support.

Try to understand their struggles, and listen to and motivate them. Make them feel strong enough to lose weight.

8. Please don’t food police

However much you care about them losing weight, don’t food police them. For example, you find them eating a cookie and then you like “you know you, can’t have that”

They are adults, they know what they want, losing weight shouldn’t feel like a shore to them so please keep your opinions to yourself and don’t food police someone into losing weight because that is way frustrating and annoying.

9. Buy him clothes smaller than his size

This might seem like a weird trick but you can twitch their clothes to smaller sizes without them noticing. For example, you buy them medium sizes when you know they wear large.

You change the size levels to convince them that they really can’t fit in those clothes.

Once they wear their clothes and realize that they are not fitting them. They will be motivated to lose weight.

10. Learn how to prepare tasty healthy meals

The most unhealthy foods are the tastiest. But when you learned o cook yourself tasty healthy meals. Your life will change forever.

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