15 ways to spice up your (married) sex life

As a married woman, I know that things can get a little boring at times, but it’s our role as lovers to find ways to spice up our sex lives and make things more enticing.

Spicing up your sex life can include having romantic gateways, introducing some fun activities, adding some sex toys, watching porn together, and many other fun things.

Adding some things in your sex life will eventually improve your overall relationship, Your bond, connection, and life will all improve when you start adding some tricks in your relationship.

1. Have sex anywhere

Are you the person who only has sex in the bedroom, that’s more like routine, not a fun sex life, it’s great to explore all the places around you?

Try to have sex in the bathroom, as your partner is having a shower, show up and start doing the magic right there in the shower room.

You can have sex anywhere you wish, it can be your sitting room or your garden, it’s a great way to spice up things in your sex life by having sex anywhere.

2. Go Public

This can be scary for some people but those scary things make the most fun sweetest memories. Try having sex in the car, just park on any street and enjoy that particular moment.

When you go for dinner, you can check out those bathrooms if they are clean, it can also be a park or any fun place you go with your partner.

If you have a partner who is reserved, start small and he/she learns to explore more, But be careful when having sex in bushes, you can easily be beaten by insects.

If you love having fun public sex most time, use some costume masks if u are worried about people finding out it’s you.

3. Introduce Sex Toys.

There are so many fun sex toys you can introduce into your sex life, From anal plugs, vibrators to dildos and sex dolls. If you are one of those people that would want to try out a threesome but are scared because it might damage your relationship.

You can compromise with a sex doll or a sex-machine. As for women, clitoral stimulation is one of the best ways to have a mega orgasm, these clitoral stimulators will make you say,aaahh-yayayay.

You can try pegging if your partner wants to try it out. anything is possible with some sex toys.

If you are the women who want a bigger dildo than your husband’s penis but is scared to put tension in your relationship, we have steps to take to have an amazing dildo without compromising your relationship.

4. Watch Porn Together.

Although porn can be addictive, it’s fun to watch it with your partner, by watching porn together, you will get to understand yourself and your partners more.

You will get to know what turns them so hard, you will get to know what they enjoy watching and you can start incorporating what they desire in your sex life.

5. Do some Role Play

If you have never done this, please it’s your turn now, because all people have sexual fantasies, even though some can not be satisfied but some are simple and easy to fulfill.

You can act like a doctor treating a patient or a teacher in a school. It doesn’t matter what you do but in most cases, we get to know what our partners what.

Yes, sometimes, you will end up laughing at yourselves but that is the spark that makes your sex life spicy.

You can pick up some sexy fetish costumes here for role-playing if you want to take it to another level.

6. Have a romantic gateway.

This is necessary for all relationships, Everyone should go on a vacation once in a while. it brings in positive vibes both emotionally and physically.

On a romantic vacation, you will get time to explore so many fun things without disturbance from kids or work. It’s your time to enjoy and you will enjoy.

You will also get to rekindle your relationship with your partner. Learn how to spice up a romantic dinner.

7. Praise them after sex

At the end of the day, we all love to be praised. Telling your partner how good they are at mixing up things in bed, won’t only put their spirits up but will also empower them to keep spicing up things in bed.

Send them a card at work telling them how great they were last night, or send them some flowers thanking them for an amazing night.

Such simple things make your relationship last in a sweet and beautiful way.

8. Become a teen again

I want you to sit and remind yourself about your teen years, how was your sex life in those teen days, what did you do? and how fun it was.

Now, bring back your teen days into your life right now, be a teen again. Do those fun teen things you enjoyed doing.

Wear that sexy dress you have been keeping in your closet, do that fun makeup you are scared of doing, it’s time to go wild.

9. Buy some lingerie

Yes, by spicing up things in bed, you need some beautiful lingerie, Don’t be the partner who has had some old nightdress for years, try to buy some simple cute lingerie.

Surprise him when you undress and all he sees is someone new in front of his eyes.

Lingeries are now more inclusive for all body types. I like shopping from Lovehoney since they are cheap, high quality, and body inclusive.

10. Check in to the hotel

You shouldn’t wait for a vacation to have a fun amazing time, sometimes, you just have to check in to the hotel, surprise your partner with a text for a meet-up.

Have a nicely prepared meal and just enjoy the whole hotel experience.

Anyone would love to enjoy such an amazing experience.

11. Try Anal Play

If you want to try out some anal sex, even though some people are scared of it, it shouldn’t have to be that scary. Start slows you learn to enjoy it.

You can start with some anal sex toys like plugs.

12. Meet a sex therapist

In some cases, spicing up your sex life can be harder for some people. and in this case, making an appointment with a sex therapist can be the only option left.

Well, You can make an appointment with your therapist online.

13. Lose some weight

Yes, in some instances, being overweight can reduce your sex drive and limit your capability in bed.

You will also notice that you can’t do the things you used to do easily when you were in a healthier weight. If you are one person who loves it, then good for you but if you notice that weight is affecting your sex life, then it’s time to do something about it.

Use this amazing trick to lose weight fast.

14.Have make up sex

When you get into an argument with your partner, don’t avoid them completely. Just run closer to them. If she/he is sleeping looking at the other side not wanting to talk to you.

Just go closer to them, hug them, talk to them and apologize if you are in wrong. from there you might end up having a good time with them.

Make-up sex is just so cool.

15. Add food into the mix

Have you ever poured honey on your partner’s body as you eat it bit by bit?. You can use any food you wish, it can be ice, berries, or anything that you are comfortable with.

Food spices up sex in all ways. By adding food into your sex life, it will magically empower your souls and make every sexual experience a memory to never forget.

Hope you enjoyed it, don’t forget to share, Go have some fun sex.

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