6 ways to stay fresh down there all-day

In order to have a healthy vagina, you have to work towards it because there are a few steps you need to take in order to stay with a happy vagina.

Wearing cotton underwear, washing your vagina, shaving it, wiping from front to back, having healthy foods, and wearing loose panties will help your vagina to stay fresh all day.

All vaginas have different smells and tastes which depends on a number of factors like foods you eat and the overall vaginal health.

You should never expect your vagina to smell like roses because it’s impossible. Remember to love your vagina the way it is and avoid using douches and soaps to make it better.

How to stay fresh down there all day.

1. Use cotton underwear

Avoid wearing underwear made of silk, polythene, and much other fabric. Cotton underwear is the best for anyone with a vagina because they are breathable.

Cotton panties allow sweat to evaporate like it’s supposed to, they are sweat wickers.

Check out these 100% cotton underwear online.

2. Remove Wet underwears

Imagine you had a very busy day and sweat a lot. When your panty is super wet, remove it and wear a dry one.

This is because the moist environment supports the growth of yeast, spending an entire day in wet underwear puts you at risk of getting a yeast infection.

If you don’t have an extra underwear, you can decide to go commando.

3. Avoid perfumes and douches

Please, ladies, your vagina can never smell like roses, stop using perfumes and douches because they cause vaginal infections.

Those perfumes and douches alter your vaginal Ph and also kill the good bacteria in your vagina hence causing infections like yeast and BV.

Your vagina is a self-cleaning machine. using plain water to clean your vajayjay is enough.

If you are the type of woman who can’t live without using soap to clean down there, try out this feminine intimate wash.

4. Try shaving

According to a recent study, it was concluded that it’s not good to shave down there because the pubic hair acts as a shield against harmful bacteria but it also said that pubic hair contains dirt that can cause vaginal infections.

Pubic hair traps bacteria against your body, remember the vagina needs both good and bad bacteria to function properly, so if the bad bacteria outweigh the good ones, you will end up having an infection.

Check the step by step guide on how to shave your vagina but if your hair grows too fast, then you can consider a Brazillian wax.

There are also home waxing kits if you want to do everything from home, remember to follow the instructions.

5. Clean with feminine wipes

If you are sweating way too much, using feminine wipes to clean your down button is a good idea to stay fresh during the day.

Remember not all wipes can be used to clean your vagina, Use feminine wipes, and if you don’t have them.

You can buy summer’s eve ph balanced wipes online.

6. Have a monthly examination

Looking out for your vaginal health should also be considered, make sure you meet your, gynecologist, every end of the month for a checkup.

Having a monthly examination will also help you understand the state of your vagina.

If you are experiencing itching, swelling, and abnormal smell, pain during urination and sex, make an appointment to meet your doctor.


How to stay fresh down there for guys?

First of all, you shouldn’t keep your vagina fresh for guys but for yourself because a healthy vagina is better than an unhealthy one.

To keep your vagina fresh for guys, always wear 100% cotton underwear, use wipes to dry your vagina, remove wet underwear, avoid douches and perfumes, and try shaving.

How to stay fresh down there in summer?

Since it’s hot during summer, remember to walk around with a pair of underwear, use feminine wipes to dry your vagina, remove wet panties, and remember a shave.

During summer, you can also decide to go commando, walk around without underwear, honestly, I like going commando, I literally feel happy when I don’t have underwear on.

You also need breathable panties, remember to use 100% cotton underwear.

Avoid wearing tight clothes during summer, loose clothes allow air in and out, your vagina will also stay fresh.

How to clean private parts after urination?

After urinating, remember to dry your vagina because moist environments attract the growth of yeast infection.

I recommend using feminine wipes to dry your vagina.

If urine accidentally goes on your underwear, do not keep it on but remove it and walk commando if you can.

How to keep your vag from sweating?

You can not keep your body from sweating but the best you can do is dry it. Your vagina is also similar, when you sweat down there, use a wipe to dry it and keep it fresh.

Remove all the pubic hair to control the growth of yeast.

Always have a pair of underwear if you are sweating too much, you can change 2 times a day, never stay in wet underwear because moist environments allow the growth of yeast.

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