10 ways to tell if your husband thinks you are fat

I have struggled with being the fat girl everywhere my entire life, so I know how hard it can be to struggle with weight, and when someone you love makes you feel uncomfortable in your own body, things become emotional and overwhelming. Today we shall discuss how to tell if your husband thinks you are fat.

Your husband thinks you are fat if he nicknames you, complaints about you loses attraction towards you, suggests foods to eat, and even says you are fat straight to your face.

While other women who gain weight are found very attractive by their partners. not everyone gets such a luxury.

When someone loves you, they should treat you like a queen no matter how much weight you gain, instead of calling names and emotionally torturing you, they should try to help become healthy.

Below are the 10 ways to tell if your husband thinks you are fat.

1. Calling you nicknames

If he starts calling you weird nicknames like fatso, big wife, and many more. It can be hurting when your partner calls you weird names but those names mean he thinks you are fat.

No one deserves to be nicknamed, such an instance can be emotionally torturing, you need to talk to him straight away.

Ask him to stop it and do not tolerate being called weird names. even if you have gained weight, he shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable in your skin.

2. Telling you to stop eating Carbs.

Imagine you were driving from somewhere and then you ask him to stop so that you can get yourself a burger, and all he looks at says, “You know you should stop eating such things” Well such a statement is an indirect way of him telling you you are fat.

In most cases, some partners find it hard to tell their partners the truth about their weight, so saying something indirect is the best way for them.

3. Refusing to take you places with them

Some husbands won’t want to take you to office dinners or parties with them because they find you fat. In most cases, they are ashamed of how they look and feel that they will be looked down on by their workmates.

If your husband starts acting like this, think about it, maybe weight gain is a problem.

4. Tells you your fat straight to your eyes

A husband who looks at me and says, “Honey, you are fat, you have gained weight, it’s not good for you” is the type of man I want.

That’s being open to someone, even though some women find it so rude, but that is a partner who is open to you. He is being straight with you by telling you the truth about yourself, even though you won’t like it, it’s the truth.

Well if your husband tells you you are fat. Then he thinks so but if you are confident in your own body. Then you have to talk about it together.

5. Loses attractiveness towards you.

In most cases, when someone gains weight, they become unattractive, it happens a lot to couples where they lose attraction to their partners because of weight gain.

You will notice some changes in your intimate life, when he starts losing interest in you, maybe it’s because you have gained weight.

Sometimes, intimacy becomes boring when you gain weight. Try to spice things up.

6. Buys your clothes in smaller sizes

Your husband is clearly telling you to lose weight when he buys you clothes in smaller sizes than your actual size. Sometimes.

To them, they expect that size to fit you. And if it doesn’t fit you, then they are clearly telling you that you are fat.

7. Praising your looks in old photos

Imagine a situation where he looks at your old pictures and begins telling you how attractive, sexy you looked back then, he goes ahead to tell you how much he loved your body that way.

Even though some sentences may just be funny but when he makes a statement about your weight, You will know when your husband thinks you are fat.

8. Grabbing your love handles

If he holds your love handles in a weird way and makes a statement about them, then he is telling you you are fat.

Even though, sometimes, he might just find them cute in his own way

Always take notice of how he grabs them, if it is aggressive with an attitude, then your husband is telling you you are fat. But if he holds them in a cute, sweet way, He just loves them and doesn’t care about them.

9. Asks to accompany him during Exercise

When my husband was overweight and did not care about losing weight, I always asked him to accompany me to walk and exercise. Of course, he never accompanied me but that was me telling him he is fat and he needs to move his lazy body.

It might be happening to you right now. If your husband is suggesting you go exercise with him. He is clearly saying you need to get your health on track.

10. Buys you a gym membership

Imagine your husband buying you a gym membership without your knowledge. He is telling you to go exercise and lose weight.

Going to the gym is so exhausting and hard but it is one way of losing weight fast.

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