7 Ways Vaginas are Different-Find out where yours lie

Around the world, our body parts aren’t the some shape, size or look. Ranging from breasts, lips, hips, the vaginas are also different amongst women.

Your vagina is not the same with your friends vagina

 It might have a different shape, color ,lips ,clitoris  ,smell ,taste and size .

Despite the way your vagina looks, its okay since there is no such thing as a perfect vagina.

Many women have been forced to feel insure of their down parts due to pornographic movies, however this shouldn’t be worrying because you have to accept that your vagina is perfect in its own way .

Many women have also been convinced by their partners that their vaginas are disgusting and this has lowered down their self confidence ,You must love yourself before you love others ,never allow anyone to make you feel imperfect because you are perfect.

We shall break down the ways every vagina is different from the rest.

1.All Vaginas Smell Different

All woman get concerned about how their vagina’s smell. If you don’t know the scent from your vagina ,then you should try smelling it .

One thing to note is that the vagina smells different in relation to the menstruation cycle forexample it can smell metallic when you’re on your period.

It can also smell like bleach when you from having sex.

Your vagina can smell different depending on the food you eat, the drinks you drink, the underwear you put on and the way you wash it .


Is sleeping without underwear good for your vagina?

Step by step guide on how to clean your vagina after sex

A fishy smell isn’t good for your vagina because it is a sign of an infection.

Many women are now obsessed with making their vaginas smell better and this has drove them to using different douches and chemicals in the name of smelling better down there.

All those soaps bought to make your vagina smell better are dangerous for your vagina health and shouldn’t be used.

However, there are various foods that can improve on the smell and taste of your vagina if consumed.

Read about How to make your vagina to smell and taste better.

2 Not all women have a hymen, If you do, it differs in shape and thickness

Some women out there were born without hymens so this isn’t a check up to test if someone is a virgin.

Women born with hymens have different, shape, thickness and color ranging from white to pink.

Some hymens are thicker at the bottom and others are tough to an extent having sex for the first time is too painful.

Sometimes some hymens are hard to break with just a penis and are broken by medical professions.

This is an eye opener for all the men who still believe in the conservative way.

3. Each Labia has a different color

Have you ever gone to a labia library, labia among women are different ranging from colour and size.

Among women ,the color of the labia varie from pink to dark.

If you brown and your labia is dark ,its normal .

Read about .Should you be uncomfortable of your darker vagina?

4.All women have different amounts of vaginal discharge .

Just like there is no normal vagina taste and smell, there is no normal amount of discharge you should be having.

Some women have less discharge while others have too much fluids that flow out their vagina.

The amount of discharge you have depends on the kind of birth control you use, menstrual cycle and the cleanness of your vagina .

A number of women think having a moist vagina all the time is not good for vagina health, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have vaginal health problems because it can also be normal.

5.All women have different sizes of vagina walls .

According to Dr.McFadden, on average ,the vagina canal is 9.6cm long which is about the size of a lipstick tube.

Women’s vagina walls range between 6.5 -12.5 cm

According to her ,she estimates the width of the walls to be between 2.1 -3.5 centimeters .

Women with a narrow canal experience pain when inserting a tampon and when having sex. If you going through this, talk to your doctor.

I guess you wondering how your vagina handles that huge penis of your boyfriend.

Your vagina enlarges when aroused making it possible for it to handle what you call big

Remember your vagina expands to allow the baby to pass through however it might become loose . There are various ways on how to make your vagina tighter .

6.Everyone has Different Pubic Hair

Do not think that everyone’s pubic hair should match with the hair on their head because the texture and color of your pubic hair can be different from that on your head.

Your pubic hair will not look like the one of your best friend.

7.The color around the vagina is different

The color of the vagina varies among women, some women have their vagina match their own skin while other , it’s the different case.

If your a black woman, you might find out that the color of your vagina is too dark compared to the rest of the skin of your vagina

Some white women have a darker vagina and this makes them uncomfortable with their partners .

Sometimes its normal for your vagina skin to be darker than the rest of the body.

While it can also be triggered by a number of cirmustances .

There are various ways to make your vagina lighter if its too dark .

Bottom line.

Your vagina can be diferent from your friend’s vagina but it doesn’t mean you have any problem.

You can have a longer labia ,darker vagina ,different pubic hair and many more.

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