Is it normal to have a wet vagina all the time ?

As a number of women are doing their best to find the best ways to get rid of vaginal dryness, there also a number of women who are frustrated with having a wet vagina all the time.

A number of women face a situation where their vagina is too wet all the time either with arousal or not.

Some of the women have gone to visit the gynecologist to check out if there is a problem with them. They keep on asking themselves why they have a wet vagina all the time.
To some, it’s too excess to an extent that they have to keep wiping themselves all the time.

Possible reasons why you have a too wet vagina all the time.

1. It is totally normal.

Having a dry vagina is the worst scenario that happens to any woman. Your vagina is supposed to be wet.

The level of wetness varies from woman to woman, some women have an excessively wet vagina than others.

To some women, it makes them uncomfortable and some like it.

And the same applies to men, some men like it when you have an excessively wet vagina and others do not like it.

According to textbooks and studies, Women produce between 1 -4ml of vaginal discharge every 24 hours.

But if you not certain of anything but suspect something wrong, Make an appointment with your doctor.


In most cases, women complain about the increase in the amount of discharge after sexual intercourse.

If you have sex with your partner without using a condom, you may experience an increase in your vaginal discharge up to 7 days later.

Semen changes your vaginal Ph which may also change your vaginal odor.

Because of the amount of semen you receive, it might look like your vaginal discharge has increased making your vagina wet all the time.

But one thing you should take note is, your vaginal discharge may increase when you are aroused or during sex.

3.Your Menstrual Cycle

The changes in your menstrual cycle affect the amount of vaginal discharge every single day of your life.

Your vagina will become wetter especially in the middle of your menstrual cycle since this is the time you be ovulating.

It just naturally exists and it also helps the sperm to find its own way to the cervix.


Some medications taken may affect the level of vaginal wetness or not. Women who take hormones, for example, estrogen hormones may face excessive vaginal wetness.

5.Pelvic congestion syndrome

This is also one of the causes of excessive vaginal wetness. In this situation, the blood flows to your vagina at high rates resulting into wetness.

One of the symptoms of this complication is vaginal discharge,Read more about pelvic congestion syndrome.

6.Bacterial vaginosis

This is a situation where the balance of both good and bad bacteria is upset. When the bad bacteria become excess in your vagina. That is called bacterial vaginosis.

You have a higher risk of getting Bv if you have more than one partner.

One of the most common symptoms of bacterial Vaginosis is a smelly discharge.

The slightly fishy smell may increase after you have sex.

If you curious about anything, its best you have an appointment with the doctor.

Read the 25 tips to help you maintain a clean and healthy vagina

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