What products to use to shave down there? (FAQs About Shaving)

Shaving the vagina not only makes you feel better but also smooth, the problem comes in deciding what products to use because when you use bad products, you will have bumps, cuts, and also infections.

If you don’t know how to shave your vag, here is the step by step guide to having a smooth and hairless honeypot.

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Below are my top products to use to shave down there.

1. Mirror

Before you pick up the blades and creams, you need a mirror to make sure you can clearly see where you are shaving.

Even though some women find it not okay to look down there in a mirror, I personally like it because it helps me prevent cuts on my vagina.

A mirror will give you a clear view during the process. Find a perfect position to place the mirror.

I prefer the koolorb magnifying mirror, it comes with lights and suitable for all shaving purposes. The lights can be automatically turned off when you are not using the mirror.

Click to find more information about the koolorb magnifying mirror.

2. Towel

I don’t know if you sit, stand, or lie down, but if you don’t want hairs to go everywhere in the house, you need a towel.

Some people don’t need towels as the hair can fall on the floor.

But if you are like me who loves to be comfortable, use a towel.

3. Shaving cream

You need shaving cream to be comfortable and also avoid razor burns and cuts.

You can’t just go and start shaving without cream, the hair can be so dry and uncomfortable to remove.

With a cream, the shaver will move through easily leaving you with soft and smooth skin.

Even though choosing the best shaving cream can be challenging, I personally recommend Cremo Shaving gel.

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4. Shaver/Razor

I don’t know if you are planning on using a blade but to have a smooth soft vagina, you will need a shaver.

I highly recommend the Panasonic electric shaver. It comes with 3 ultra-sharp blades that will give you a comfortable shave.

It is a 2 in 1 with both an electric trimmer and shaver, this shaver can be used in both wet and dry places.

The blades are stainless steel, hypoallergenic, and high quality good for sensitive skin.

It can be washed within minutes just with running water and comes with a rechargeable battery that can be completely charged in just 20 minutes.

Click to find more information about the panasonic eletric shaver.

5. Aftershave

To have a clear and smooth vag, you have to apply aftershave gel to avoid burps and boils.

Aftershave relaxes and moisturizes your skin giving you a comfortable feeling.

I highly recommend the shea moisturizer aftershave. Use it daily for at least a week for great results.

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FAQs About shaving Your vagina

How to shave your inner lips?

It can tricky and hard to remove the extra hairs on your inner lips. When removing extra hairs on my inner lips. I make sure I put the mirror in front of me.

I separate them with my fingers, then I carefully use the shaver in a gentle way, make sure to take your time because if you rush, you will end up cutting your self.

If the shaver is too big, then i use a small razor to remove the hairs on my inner lips.

How to remove pubic hair without shaving?

The only way to remove pubic hair without shaving is by waxing or laser treatment.

If you are planning on doing waxing at home, you need this home waxing kit.

Waxing is for the short term because if you want a more permanent situation like laser treatment, check here for more.

Is it a bad idea to shave your pubic hair?

Shaving your vagina is hygienic, by deciding to shave, you lower the risk of getting vagina infections.

So its a great idea to shave your vagajay

Is it unhealthy for a woman to shave her pubic hair?

It is very healthy for women to shave their pubic hair. it doesn’t matter whether it’s your armpits or bikini area. removing pubic hair will always make you healthy.

For example, women who grow the down bush are at a higher risk of getting vagina infections.

Always shave.

Does pubic hair make you smell?

Yes if not cleaned well, pubic hair can make you smell. for example, if all the sweats, oils, and other dirt combine in your hair. You will have a strong odor coming from your genital region.

It is best to keep your hair short but if you decide to keep it long, always make sure you clean it very well.

Do most girl shave down there?

According to a recent study, it was concluded that 75% of women prefer removing hairs on the front and their bikini area and about 5% of women groom daily.

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