What to do if your boyfriend is bad at sex

Everyone asks themselves what to do if their boyfriend is bad at sex, There is no happiness in the relationship if your partner’s needs are not satisfied. As humans, We have different likes and dislikes, Making someone happy in bed takes a lot of hard work and patience but sometimes, Your boyfriend might be so terrible that you even reach a point where you don’t want to be involved with him anymore.

The first step is, to be honest with him, Telling him that he is terrible in bed and that you are not happy in the bedroom is the first solution to solve such a problem. Here are a few things to do when your boyfriend is bad at sex.

1 . Be honest

In any relationship, Honestly is required, it doesn’t matter if he is good or terrible, Being honest with your partner can ease the tension in the relationship.

Tell him the fact that he is not doing a good job. Don’t feel embarrassed, being honest about how you feel can help elevate things.

If he is a terrible kisser, Tell him the hard honest truth. Ask home to do more during sex. Ask him to put the effort into pleasing you. It is all worth it.

2. Don’t fake it

I have seen scenarios where a woman pretends to enjoy everything, they even go ahead and fake an orgasm. Why would you lie about the fact that you are enjoying it?

The more you fake it, The more he will feel like he is doing a good job. Keep the reality, show him that he is not doing anything fun and actually, You hate it.

Never fake an orgasm.

3. Watch porn together

Porn can be addictive and sometimes, the things porn actors do can not be done in real life. But sometimes, when you watch porn, You can learn a few tricks that can spice up your bedroom chaos.

It is fun to watch porn with your partner, In most cases, You will get to know what your spouse like, Tell him that you would like him to do what you enjoy watching.

If you see people having oral sex and your boyfriend doesn’t give it to you. Tell him the fact that you would like him to do that with you.

You will learn tricks and tips to improve your sex life.

4. Show him how you like it

You understand your body more than anyone else. You know which part is sensitive and what makes you have an orgasm. Your boyfriend is not a superhuman, Tell him how you want it to be done.

Take time to understand your body, Try to use vibrators as you understand your body more and more.

If you like it when he goes down on you, Tell him to continue until you have an orgasm. It can be that amazing.

5. Take time to explore each other bodies

Most of us never take the time to explore our bodies. Imagine how happy you would get if you took the time to explore your body.

Make time for you and your partner to start enjoying sometimes Together. Cuddle and begin exploring your bodies together.

Add some sex toys if you can to spice up things into magic.

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