He won’t eat your vagina,What should you do now ?

He won’t eat your vagina? .Women struggle every day in their relationships to make sure their partners are happy but they are paid off with negativity at times from their male counterparts. women face a challenge where their partners refuse to eat their vagina.

When you ask women about oral sex, Some enjoy every second of it while others are unhappy because despite giving blowjobs to their partners, they are not given the privilege back.

According to women, they perform all marital duties but when it comes to men fulfilling their duties by going down to eat the vagina, they push themselves far away by saying they can’t.

There are a number of reasons why your man will not eat your vagina and these include:

1. He is Conservative.

Men from conservative backgrounds find it so hard to go down there and eat your vagina, I have come across a number of men who said they would never go down on a woman.

2. He doesn’t love you.

When you love someone, you don’t love them in parts, you love them for who they are. The fact that he won’t eat your vagina is a sign that he might be disgusted with your vagina or he does it for someone else apart from you.

3. Maybe he is Gay.

There are situations where a man won’t eat your vagina or touch it but he is interested in your ass, consider the possibility of him being gay

4. He is selfish

If your woman gives you a blow job everytime you having sex and all she wants in return is you eating her vagina, why not? .If you cant, its just evident that you are a selfish man only thinking about your self.

5.Dirty vagina

Do not complain if you don’t clean your vagina, a healthy vagina is pleasant to eat but a vagina that smells like hell is disgusting to be eaten .keep your vagina healthy and clean all the time because no one wants to eat a smelly vagina.

6. He doesn’t enjoy it

Some men don’t enjoy eating your vagina, they don’t enjoy doing it and that is why they won’t go down there.

What to do if he won’t eat your vagina.

Talk to him

Sometimes it hard for someone to know what you want if you do not communicate, better sex is communication, explain to someone what makes you happy and what you enjoy.

Some men are so scared of doing it wrong and that makes them terrified but talk to them and understand the reason why he won’t go down on you.

Visit a psychologist

Is there an option of something bothering him and it stops him stops him from going down on you, make an appointment with your psychologist to discuss the matter in detail.

Be patient

Time heals wounds, maybe things will change when he is used to you .some men are shy and feel scared of doing anything unless they fully know someone better, that is why they need more time.

Break up

This should be the last option after you have tried out all the above options, if you stay patient, meet your psychologist, communicate with someone and things are still the same. The choice is in your hands because you can decide to deal with him not eating your vagina or finding someone who will give you what you need in bed and appreciate you.

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