Would getting a sex toy that’s bigger than my boyfriend’s penis be a bad idea?

When planning on buying a sex toy, there are a number of factors to consider for example the functions, the capability, and the fact that if a sex toy is bigger than your partner’s penis will endanger your relationship.

Sex toys come in different ranges and sizes and that makes it easy to choose any size you might want. It’s okay to get a dildo bigger than your boyfriend’s penis but always talk to him first before you make the purchase.

A number of women are left in a dilemma when they want to have something bigger than their partners but are worried that their partners won’t be happy about it or it can lead to the end of a relationship.

We shall discuss the steps you can take before you buy a sex toy bigger than your boyfriends’ penis to avoid relationship misunderstandings.

Communicate to him and what you want

The first thing you have to consider before buying a dildo is to talk to your partner about it first, remember communication is the key to a long healthy relationship.

Talk to him about why you need a sex toy, what size you need, and how amazing it will be for both of you. The fact that you are planning on buying a bigger sex toy, don’t hide it from him, tell him the truth that you are planning on a bigger size than his penis.

In most cases, a sex toy won’t end a relationship because, at the end of the day, it’s just a sex toy, not a human being, Your feeling for your partner won’t go away.

Even though you enjoy using the dildo or vibrator, having an inmate time with someone you love will always be special.

Understand his fears

In most cases, getting a bigger sex toy isn’t the problem but your partner’s insecurity, He might think that the sex toy will take his place in your life and that you will not like his penis anymore.

All this time, you have been telling him that his penis is just the perfect size and that you love it, so when you talk about buying a bigger sex toy, it leaves them in so many thoughts wondering if you lied to them or they are not doing a good job.

By talking to your partner, you will understand their fears and insecurities.

If things don’t work out even after communication, then it might be a perfect time to have sex therapy as a couple. This will help you improve your sexual relationship.

Shop together

When shopping for sex toys, sit together and choose what both of you like, You never know he might himself choose something bigger than him for you.

You can also exchange links via your phones, ask him to look for 10 good sex toys that he thinks are good for you. When you receive the list, send him the list of the toys you have liked and others you have an interest in.

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Play with it together

In the bedroom, allow your partner to use it on you, allow him to play with it on you. Allow him to watch you use it. This will spice up things and also make your intimacy at another level.

It will increase the openness in your relationship and make buying future sex toys easier and an amazing experience.

You can also introduce more couples’ sex toys into your bedroom to mix things up.

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