7 reasons you can’t be a better person

Are you asking yourself why you can’t be a better person despite everything you try, you end up in a worse state, And all you feel is incompetence and inability to change your life.

Your inability to be a better person can be all you do like being selfish, refusing to learn, having low self-esteem, or some external factors like lack of social aid, poor access to education, and unemployment.

But you have the power to be a better human being. You can change for the better because all humans have the capacity to be better humans.

Not being a better person doesn’t mean you are evil, you might be good in some aspects of your life, you just have to learn to improve yourself.

Why you can’t be a better person

Below are some of the reasons why you are not being a better person.

1 . You refuse to learn

To improve yourself in all aspects of life, you have to learn, learning never stops, you can learn new skills that make your life easier or you can acquire new traits and beliefs that can change your life forever.

When Wellcome out of our mother’s wombs, we know-nothing but we keep learning every single day until we have the ability to feed ourselves and do everything ourselves.

But that doesn’t mean, you stop learning, You have to keep learning every single day to be a better person. Learn More Skills on SkillShare.

2. You think you are not good enough

It might be that your subconscious is telling you that you’re not good enough, but in reality, you are doing great. As people, we tend to think we are worse yet in reality we are good enough.

You are not what you think about yourself. Relax and learn to love yourself.

Start appreciating yourself more and love yourself more.

3. You have low self-esteem

You have low self-esteem about yourself which is why you think you can’t be better, but the truth is, you are amazing and great and people love you.

OR, maybe the low self-esteem makes you feel inferior and weak. It’s time to gather your inner strength and use it to become a better person.

4. It’s just life, you are okay

Sometimes, life makes us think we are not good at anything, and sometimes, the people around us make us feel the worst in the world.

Because life keeps drowning us when we try to go up, that might make you think that you can’t be better.

But that is is the start of your life, it doesn’t matter if you are 15 to 70 years, You are just starting your life and you can be a better person.

5. You are selfish

Sometimes being too selfish makes us bad humans, You have to think about others people’s feelings in some situations.

Life is not only about you. sometimes, you have to think about other people’s feelings and what they think about you.

Offer help when you can. learn to be supportive.

6. You fail to seek help

If you realize you need to change your life to a better person, you need to seek help but if you fail to do that, then you can’t be a better person.

By seeking help, You are giving yourself a chance to improve your life.

7. You have a high ego

The fact that you have a high ego limits you from being a better person, Start letting go of your Ego and then you will be a better person.

By letting go of your ego, you will find very many opportunities that will improve your life.

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