Your Husband is too rough during sex? Here is what to do

Even though humans love sex, sex can feel like a nightmare if your husband is too rough during sex. It goes from a fun time to a moment that might leave you devastated for the rest of your life. The sad part is, Your husband might be enjoying the moment, OR Maybe he is into rough sex.

Don’t be hurt, tell him to stop and that his way of having fun is hurting you. Never feel embarrassed or intimidated to hire out your opinion. if you feel hurt by someone. It doesn’t matter who they are to you. Sex should be fun between a husband and a wife and everything involved in the process should be consensual.

What to do when your husband is too rough during sex

Below are some things to do when your husband is too rough during sex.

1 . Stop Immediately

Stop him immediately when things get rough at that moment, Ask him to stop. Never stay quiet when in pain. Even when he asks you to stop, tell him the fact that he is hurting you and that you are not having fun.

If he values you and loves you, He will stop and think about it, next time he will do better. Being open in the relationship about your likes and dislikes helps you go in the right direction.

Sex is supposed to be conceptual, everything you do during sex is supposed to be agreed upon by both partners. If he refuses to stop when you ask him to, that is rape.

Never compromise your mental and physical health for someone else, If he loves rough sex, It is not a must for you to allow it, just to please him.

2. Compliment him when he does something you like

Having a good sexual relationship is work, every day, you build a brick. When you have sex, the way you react and respond always sends a message to your partner. If he does something amazing, Let him know that you like, what he is doing at the moment.

If he doing it rough, show him that you are not happy, Never fake it. Be honest.

3. Take time to heal

Rough sex comes with a sore vagina. Take time to heal, don’t rush to please him again. Here are a few tricks to healing a sore vagina after rough sex. let him know that he is hurting you and you are taking time to heal.

Even though our vaginas are super great, they also deserve love, care, and gentleness.

Allow your vagina to heal.

4. Prioritize yourself no matter what.

In this world, You are your biggest priority. Always make yourself first no matter the situation. When you prioritize yourself. You will make choices that are better for everyone.

Make your partner happy but remember to make choices that make you happy.

Cheer yourself first.

Sore Vagina after sex? Here is what to do

Here is how to relieve a sore vagina after sex.

1 . Take a warm Bath

Prepare yourself a warm bath to feel better. If you have a bathtub, Sit there and allow your vagina to feel better. A warm bath will soothe your bruises and make you feel better.

If you have a small bathroom. Consider buying yourself foldable bathtubs for future use, especially if your partner loves it rough at times

2. Apply some lube

During or after sex, Using lube can help ease the tension down there. When you feel sore down there, Apply some lube. Get the best lubes here.

3. Use coconut for moisturizing

Coconut can be used for almost everything, from eating to applying it on our skin. But it can be used as a lube and a moisturizer. Remember to use virgin coconut oil. Click here for the best coconut oil.

4. Go without Underwear

If your vagina is on fire, to avoid irritation, Go without underwear, Allow your vagina to breathe.

Going without underwear will stop the irritation of your vagina.

5. Just don’t scratch

I understand things are pretty not fun down there, your vagina is itching and you are in pain. But don’t scratch. To avoid pain and more irritation. Don’t scratch and with no time. You will feel better.

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